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Wanderlost is the story of Sheldon, a pig prone to leaving his life on the boring old farm in pursuit of something interesting to do. This leads to adventure, misadventure and really stupid luck. Fortunately he has family and friends who do their best to save him, whether he wants saving or not. You can learn more about him and his friends in characters and Mr. Guzek’s F.A.Q..

On the Web

Wanderlost began as “Sheldon the Pig” several years ago. In 2005 I relaunched the series at Modern Tales. In October 2007 I held a reader contest and renamed the series Wanderlost. You can read more about that in Shaenon Garrity’s swell interview with me.

In Print

“Into the Woods”, the first story line featuring Sheldon’s adventures off the farm, is now for sale through Comixpress. 16 full color pages and a full color outside cover – for only $3.50.

For the full color preview of the first three pages, go here. Image files sizes are big, so please be patient as they download. I tried to keep them as small as possible while retaining a high quality representation of color and line.