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Wanderlost: Search Party Page 14

Click the image to read the whole cartoon.

Yep. Black and white. So it goes.

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Wanderlost “Search Party” Page 8

Search Party Page 8, reduced
Click here to read the whole thing in glorious black and white.

NOTE: Next week I start updating Wanderlost on Wednesdays.

Wanderlost: “Search Party” Page 5

page 5 small
Click to read the cartoon at full size.

Wanderlost Search Party Page 3

Enlarge through precise clicking.

New Wanderlost Page Delayed Until Tuesday

Sorry for the delayed update, folks. I took on some extra shifts at work, so I ran out of time tonight to post even a black and white version. But the page is inked, and mostly lettered. Monday night I’ll finish it up and post it late. So expect to see it when you wake up bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Wanderlost: Search Party, Page 2

wanderlost search party snippet
Click here to see the page in all its glory.