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mooreroom is moving

I have finally gotten around to installing WordPress on my own site, so from now on “mooreroom” will be the blog of mooretoons.com, my creative hub (or so I intend.) I put the blog on the front page of the site, because that’s where all the new info goes. And I hate trying to find people’s updated information. Plus I installed some handy navigation plug-ins that should make moving through the site fairly intuitive. Certain pages are, of course, in the “under construction” phase, but they aren’t some annoying 404 error.

This wordpress blog will serve as a link to the main blog, but from now on, no more updates here. All new stuff – over at the new site. So please change your bookmarks, links, and RSS feeds accordingly. Sorry for the pain – but after a year of dinking around with blogging software and installations and such-like, I finally made up my mind. The new “mooretoons” will be much better. Already is! Honest! Ya gots ta believe me!

See you there.