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Wanderlost Notice

Notice page
That’s right. December 9th. Next Wednesday. How will this be accomplished? Simple: By taking a break from political cartooning.

Said break will last only a month. I am taking advantage of the holiday season to relax a little and focus on catching up with the “Search Party” story line.

I’m also thinking of some changes for In Contempt. I won’t say what those are, as they are a little vague right now. But my thoughts are grounded in my view that political cartooning as we know it is moribund. I want to work on something new, though recognizably political and coherent with what I have done with In Contempt so far. That’s all I should say for now. Like I said – “vague.”

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Thanksgiving Means Serious Cartoon Delayage, Dude

Right, so I actually have a bunch of scripts written for cartoons. But the trick is to translate those scribbled words into polished drawings. And that requires a precious commodity we call “time”, of which I currently have a negative account balance, thanks to children home from school and this national past time of consuming giant portions of food in honor of treaties broken by European invaders of the North American continent.

So it looks like cartoons will appear in full force next week. Plenty of ’em! Shaking righteous fists of fury at the machine! Deconstructing our bourgeois constructs of normality! Lobbing gobs of epatiĆ©r at the dominant paradigm! And probably making snarky comments about shit that pisses me off. Ya know, the uszh.

BTW – “paradigm” should always be pronounced “para-diggum.” At least if you want to be taken seriously in polite company.

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In Contempt (5/30/08): Won’t Get Fooled Again

Click to make it bigger. Uh huh. Oh yeah. That’s right. Here we go.

In Contempt (5/2/08): Gods Damn America

Gods Damn America
Click to see the whole cartoon.

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I Will be at Stumptown?

Why, yes I will.

I’m sharing a table once again with Chris Baldwin. I don’t have anything new to sell, but I will have fresh copies of the first Sheldon comic book, “Into the Woods,” an In Contempt collection from 2002, several old undergrounds called “Dreck” I did with other cartoonists (including mister_punchy in the late 90s/early 00s. Oh, and I do have t-shirts, but they are all at CafePress.

I really need to get another Sheldon/Wanderlost comic book printed, as well as a new In Contempt collection. I started a 2000 – 2004 retrospective called Nothing But Contempt in December 2004, but grad school in January 2005 and nothing was ever the same again. Had Stumptown been in October of this year like it was last year, I would have gotten much of this done in time, but APE decided to mix it up. So here we are, and I know I’m not the only one who was caught off-guard.

Like, say, the poor organizers. Props to them for pulling it off on short notice.

In Contempt (4/17/2008): The Mountain Song

The Mountain Song

Click the image above to see the full cartoon.

In Contempt (4/10/2008): Sounding Board

Click image to see full cartoon.