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mooreroom is moving

I have finally gotten around to installing WordPress on my own site, so from now on “mooreroom” will be the blog of, my creative hub (or so I intend.) I put the blog on the front page of the site, because that’s where all the new info goes. And I hate trying to find people’s updated information. Plus I installed some handy navigation plug-ins that should make moving through the site fairly intuitive. Certain pages are, of course, in the “under construction” phase, but they aren’t some annoying 404 error.

This wordpress blog will serve as a link to the main blog, but from now on, no more updates here. All new stuff – over at the new site. So please change your bookmarks, links, and RSS feeds accordingly. Sorry for the pain – but after a year of dinking around with blogging software and installations and such-like, I finally made up my mind. The new “mooretoons” will be much better. Already is! Honest! Ya gots ta believe me!

See you there.


Matt Bors Mocks Halloween Cliché; Hack Cartoonists Everywhere Pout

A couple days ago I railed with righteous fury ‘gainst the dull-witted jack-a-napes who demean the grand art of political cartooning with their anodyne usage of the Halloween trick-or-treat meme.

No one really cared.

BUT my good friend Matt Bors just happened to be drawing a cartoon mocking that very cliché. He posted it today, so, yo, check it. Forthwith, post-hate, with the seven winds against your back.

And, uh, what the hell is a “jack-a-nape”?

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Golly! I Could Be Among the First to Know!

A very special e-mail from the Barack Obama campaign sent straight to my personal e-mail box!

Dear Kevin —
[See! First name basis!]
Barack Obama is about to make one of the most important decisions of this campaign — choosing a running mate.
[What about FISA? Oh…nevermind.]
You have helped build this movement from the bottom up, and Barack wants you to be the first to know his choice.
[Cuz we’re special friends!]
Sign up today to be the first to know:
[Sign up? Couldn’t he just, ya know, tell me?]
[See! He’s MY Barack Obama! Get your own, asshole!]
You will receive an email the moment Barack makes his decision, or you can text VP to 62262 to receive a text message on your mobile phone.
[Awesome! One more thing to interrupt my day!]
Once you’ve signed up, please forward this email to your friends, family, and coworkers to let them know about this special opportunity.
[Oh yes, along with my chain letters and long lists of un-funny jokes. They’ll love that!]
No other campaign has done this before. You can be part of this important moment.
[Seriously, haven’t you heard of Twitter?]
Be the first to know who Barack selects as his running mate.
[I feel so included! So Web 2.0!]

[No, David, thank YOU!]
David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

What the hell happened to me?

Slow blogging this week, obviously. And no damn toons, nuther.

I got back from the ALA Conference in Anaheim on Tuesday and have been pretty busy since then catching up with my normal life.

Then – WHAM! – it’s the 4th of July. Drop everything! Eat greasy food! Dodge fireworks! Ride a big blue train with a face on it! Get a sunburn! Roll the American flag into a giant wad and shove it up your ass! Love your country or die, commie terrorist blasphemer! Drink too much beer! Imagine Jesus all buff and oily, massaging your toes! Just cuz! Don’t question anything! Take off your shoes before boarding a plane! Wear mouse ears with pride! Go to the mall! There’s a sale! Fuck the planet!

All shall resume as normal next week. There will be cartoons. And thoughts on what I done learned from librarians more experienced than I.

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New Wanderlost Page Delayed Until Tuesday

Sorry for the delayed update, folks. I took on some extra shifts at work, so I ran out of time tonight to post even a black and white version. But the page is inked, and mostly lettered. Monday night I’ll finish it up and post it late. So expect to see it when you wake up bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Better Than O’Reilly’s

The Fafblog interview with Hillary Clinton:

FB: Now, back when your husband was president he cut nine million poor women and children off welfare. But now you’re the candidate of women and poor people and poor workin women. So did you approve of what your husband did at the time, and if not are you going to reverse it as president and give all those poor people their money back?
CLINTON: Ha haaa! That’s an excellent question, Fafnir, and the only way to answer it is with a hearty chuckle followed by a complete non sequitur!
FB: Ha ha, that is so true!

Loooooove it! Read the whole thing.

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Not a Good Week

Over all, this week has sucked.

I won’t go into details, but if you have been looking forward to seeing new cartoons up at Wanderlost or In Contempt, you have been sorely disappointed. And it’s all cuz my week has sucked. It has sucked like I stepped over the event horizon of a black hole and found myself accelerating toward higher and higher concentrations of suckitude, the gravitational force tearing my body and eventually my cellular structure and my very atoms apart through a process physicists call the Spaghettification of Suck. The end point was, of course, a Singularity of Suck.

I think – I hope – I have emerged on the other side into a calmer dimension. I don’t expect to see my embryonic form hovering above me or my ancient self in a giant white room. I just expect a lot less of the factors that contributed to the Suck That This Week Was.

Let’s try again next week, shall we?


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