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Playing With Virtual Tinker Toys

It is too easy to blog. It is too easy to set up multiple blogs. It is too easy to mirror your content across several blogging platforms at once. It is too easy to add widgets and themes and plug-ins and ads and feeds and mobile connectivity and galleries and on and on and on.

These days I have a livejournal, a account, a blogger account, a vox account, a myspace account and a facebook account. To the last account, the same posts that appear in the first three accounts upload to the notes and Mirrorblog sections. If I could figure out how to do the same with vox and myspace (and I am sure there is a way) the same content would populate all six blogs.

Why am I doing this? Well, partly I am experimenting. I have been noodling around with blogging platforms to see which ones I like best, what strengths and weaknesses each application has, what I feel most comfortable working with, and what offers me the most features. Also, the brilliant Rory Bowman has generously provided space on his server to play with Movable Type, the first blogging application I had ever played with back in the days of the now defunct blargblog.

It is probably no surprise that I am going with WordPress. Over the next month, in fact, I will be using it to design three different websites: Mooretoons, In Contempt, and Wanderlost. For the latter two I will be using the Comicpress theme, modified to my special needs and with some help from Barry Deutsch, who has done an excellent job at Hereville. Movable Type is a wonderful application, but the learning curve is just too high and time is just too precious in my work/parenting/creating schedule.

The roll-out is going to be about a month. So I am not changing much visibly yet. The only thing noticeable will be the absence of Wanderlost updates until June 12, 2008. I hate to do it, but I need the time to develop these sites and write the next story. I don’t wanna hack the artwork, or put up a shoddy story – or shoddy websites for that matter. The end result is going to be a Wanderlost site with its own domain name (, not and with a workable, feature-rich site.

It’s gonna be so freakin’ boss, duuuude, ya gotta believe me!

As for facebook, livejournal, etc. – yeah, I’m keeping all that. I use facebook for totally different reasons these days (like my scrabulous addiction), I love my livejournal fwends, and myspace is a necessary evil.

Like I said, it is way too easy to do these things.

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My Name is URL

I bought a new URL today: – which essentially redirects you right to my WordPress blog.

I still have not decided if I am going to use or get a host and install the wp management system there. I really like how Barry’s Hereville site is turning out, and he has offered to share me his infinite wisdom (at which he arrived in a Classical Greek way – through much suffering) in modifying the Comicspress MS to my own purposes. There are a lot of arguments in favor of the latter, but one big counter-argument is Time + Energy > Making Cartoons. I have a lot of web development experience, but all that has really taught me is what a GIANT ASS PAIN it can be. I’m like YoYo Ma in those old Apple commercials: I wanna plug it in and start using it.

But I’m not afraid to put in a little blood, sweat, tears, earth, wind and fire. So long as the end product is a site I can use for several functions.

Hopefully you are all asleep at your keyboards from sheer boredom induced by this post. Feel free to re-read it during those nights of inexplicable insomnia.

Decisions, Decisions

As I migrate to WordPress from Livejournal, I have been thinking about how I want to use WP’s features to my best advantage. There are two options, as I see it:

  • Stay with The advantages are that I could move all of my cartooning stuff onto one site, through purchasing more space and CSS editing. I get to use “mooreroom” as an all purpose URL (the actual domain name is owned by someone else.) WP would be my webhost, blog, and home for Wanderlost stuff (not counting Modern Tales pages) and In Contempt stuff (not counting Webcomics Nation pages). The disadvantage is that I cannot cross-post from to LJ, where I have a fine list of friends that I enjoy interacting with.
  • Install WP on my own webhost: The advantage is that I can customize the blog any old way I want outside the predetermined CSS styles, adapt the blog to more comics-friendly navigation, and cross-post to LJ. The disadvantage is the loss of “mooreroom” and all the stupid work involved. Also, In Contempt and Wanderlost are at two separate webhosts, so I’d have to choose one. I’d choose In Contempt, because the Wanderlost URL is “” — the old name for Wanderlost.

The other concern is directing the In Contempt and Sheldon domains this-a-way. Is that possible? I’d rather that if someone entered “” or “” (or just clicked on old links somewhere out there), that they’d wind up over here. Whether “here” is at or the centralized webhost.

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, preferences, or advice?

All That Needs Really to be Said about the LJ Strike

MightyGodKing on the LJ strike:

(PS. As stated elsewhere: the “internet strike” concept is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have heard of in quite some time, not least because the geniuses behind it scheduled it on Good Friday. Why would anybody not be shocked by a downturn in traffic on a major statutory and religious holiday?)

Much of the post is dedicated to the virtues of Livejournal and the ultimate benefits of migrating to WordPress, reflecting my own thinking on the subject.

Slowly Moving to Word Press

Posting so late tonight I am probably breaking the LJ Strike, but that’s because I have been starting up a new home at WordPress:

Eventually I’ll make a full move, but there’s some hosting decisions to make, some blog configuration, some serious site design to do. So I’ll let y’all know when I make the final move. I am thinking of making the WP blog a part of the incontemptcomics URL, as that site is in most need of an overhaul. But I’m also thinking of just creating a whole new site dedicated to all my work, with my little URLs aimed at parts of it.

Phhtttt. I don effin’ know.

But I also plan to crosspost from WP to LJ in the future. I just hope LJ’s new management comes around.

The LJ Strike and This Blog

In what may be a hasty decision or an exercise in foresight – time will tell – I am going to slowly migrate over to WordPress from Live Journal. I have been interested in WP for some time, and now I want to learn how to use it. Eventually I will download the software and install it on a site of my own, a comprehensive site gathering all of my work currently sitting on sites all across the InterWebz.

The question is, Will I abandon Live Journal? Not immediately. I like the community of LJ friends I have gathered, and I want to keep them. But recent activities by the new ownership of LJ has provoked an impending strike by LJ users tomorrow to protest changes in service and attempts by the new owners to delete LGBT user communities. I’m not comfortable with that. Depending on how these issues get resolved, I may broadcast to LJ from WP (once I figure out how to do that) or I may drop LJ altogether. I’m a paying LJ customer, so I will feel the economic hit. But I got principles, man.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cartoon.

Click the image to see the full cartoon.