Who the Hell is Kevin Moore?

Kevin Moore biopicI am a cartoonist and librarian living in Portland, OR. I am the creator behind Wanderlost, a kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) comics series appearing every Monday at Modern Tales; and In Contempt, political cartoons appearing every Thursday at Webcomics Nation.

What I Write About

Therefore, expect lots of posts linking to weekly updates of my cartoons, about cartoons, politics, and librarian issues. And whatever else floats like a shiny dust mote through my mind.

This blog is cross-posted to my old livejournal.

Comment Policy

Anyone is free to post a comment, so long as they provide a name and an e-mail address. This is to prevent spam. I hate spam. Deleting it wastes my time. But you can make up any old name you want and your e-mail address will be kept private.

In general, I have a good sense of humor, I swear like a sailor and I welcome spirited disagreement. But don’t be a dick. If I think a comment lacks respect for me or another commenter, or crosses a certain line, I’ll delete the comment. Frequent abuse and the offending ISP is banned. I’m not the most “politically correct” person – in fact, I’m a big proponent of intellectual freedom and freedom of expression – but I don’t cotton to the trashing of race, ethnicity, sex, gender and sexuality. We can disagree on, say, affirmative action, but any denigration of the people for whom such programs are meant to assist, and ZOT! comment gone.

In sum, be fair-minded, have a sense of humor and wear your Irony Underpants. Or, if you prefer, panties.

Linking Policy

If you draw cartoons, rant about politics, or address library issues, let’s shares links!

If you see a cartoon you want to republish in print form, please let me know, even if it falls under fair use guidelines. I’m always interested in how my work appeals or is useful to others (or incites them to angry denunciations), so I appreciate the courtesy.