Attack Dog Meme

With Tuesday’s cartoon I managed to beat one of my political cartooning heroes, Ben Sargent to the attack dog meme by one day. That said, he draws way better than I do.

Meanwhile, speaking of memes, here are a few more Halloween cartoons.

Mike Luckovich. A 401K costume.

John Branch. Another 401K costume.

Nate Beeler. Financial adviser costume.

Tom Toles. This one isn’t bad. I like the use of a Halloween display as a chamber of horrors for the next president. It’s better than his predictable 401K gag. (At least he was first out of the gate on that one.)

And a Joe the Plumber toon I actually like, courtesy of Auth.

Meanwhile, how many different ways is this Gordon Campbell cartoon utterly racist!? Come on, Gordo, isn’t it possible that Colin Powell endorsed Obama because they share similar foreign policy views? You would know that if you had paid attention to Powell’s comments on foreign policy for the last, oh, four years since he left the BushAdmin.

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