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John Is Right

Republicans are trying to make something out of Obama’s gentlemanly acknowledgment that McCain made reasonable points in last night’s debate.

Which may have inspired this site. Or not. But it’s pretty fitting, nonetheless. Especially the erratic way the text moves about the page. I imagine that’s how thoughts behave inside McCain’s mind.

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Obama-McCain Debate: My Favorite Moment

Pre-empted by my son’s millionth viewing of Prisoner of Azkeban, I am just now catching up on the Obama-McCain debate being rerun on PBS. I think my favorite moment so far is McCain making an asshole out of himself insisting that a high-level talk between the President and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad legitimizes the Iranian President’s antisemitic statements against Israel. McCain not only kept beating that horse long after it was dead, he started improvising the possible dialog in an attempt to mock Obama. The look Obama shot him registered somewhere between “give me a break” and “dick.”

So what about their bone of contention, the opinion of McCain adviser Henry Kissinger on the matter of negotiating with Iran without preconditions. ABCNews has a “fact check” straight from the horse’s mouth. Kissinger does indeed favor negotiations without preconditions “at a very high level,” but clarifies that that means the secretary of state level, not the presidential level. So Obama is only half right on the specifics, but right on the spirit; McCain has the other half, but is otherwise a total douche.

And Kissinger is still a fucking war criminal.

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