Well, That Didn’t Take Long….

As Howard Kurtz remarks, “The production of this spot in less than 24 hours underscores how modern technology has quickened the pace of campaigning and how the ad wars are increasingly driven by daily developments.”

Nervous Democrats and independent Obama supporters worried that the Obama campaign will let the McCain campaign “swift-boat” it have seen new evidence to the contrary this week. This ad is the first evidence I’ve seen that the Obama campaign is going on the offensive. Well, okay, I guess I could count the “McCain’s too old to understand the InterTubez” ad, but that was lame. This one actually addresses a real problem Americans (and thanks to globalization of financial markets, the world) faces now, one with practical consequences for anyone who owns a home, took out a student loan, or needs a job.

The next question is “What’re ya gonna do about it, Barry?” (Cuz certain yobs out there insist on calling Obama “Barry.”) The Obama campaign shouldn’t expect anyone to visit their website to read its glorious list of plans. No one but political nerds like me do that. Despite a long-stated aversion to “negative ads”, voters get most of their information about candidates from 30-second spots, the debates, and whatever folks like Wolf Blitzer yammer on about (if they have time.) A few “positive ads” promoting Obama’s plans to address voter’s real life economic concerns should follow.

He could make an ad solely out of this endorsement of his health care plan in, of all things, The Wall Street Journal.

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