Where Are the Damn Cartoons?

You may be wondering. After all, it’s Thursday, and so far we’re 0 for 3. No Wanderlost update, no new In Contempt strips. I mean, what did I do, fall down a well? Break my hand? Get another bout of back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome? Go on a bender and wrap my car around a tree?


It’s late August. That’s what. Something happens to me in the last couple weeks of August. I get lethargic, listless, feckless, aimless and lots of other lesses. A brief burnout. It’s not lack of material. I have the scripts all written. I have Wanderlost written to the end, and I think it’s pretty good. The In Contempt strips for this week were your usual jaundiced appraisal of politics — perhaps even more so, as the Democratic conventions tend to depress me more than lift me up. I have reactions to all that. Just haven’t drawn them.

So it’s a funk. Maybe this is why people go on vacations in August.

I’ll be better next week. Don’t fear. I’ll post my cartoon responses to the DNC on Tuesday, and go after the RNC on Thursday. Word has it that McCain has made his Veep pick and will announce it the moment Obama stops talking. I really hope it’s Romney. Not cuz I like the shit-eater; I love drawing him, mocking him, and watching him try to out-do everyone else on stage. “I’ll double Guantanamo! I’ll hunt every day! I’ll waterboard my children! I’ll show those Muslim theocracies — America will be the most Christian nation ever!”

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