Literacy INCLUDES Knitting

A youth group of knitters, ages 6-10 years old, were kicked out of an eastern Ontario library. Here’s the rationale:

Pamela Haley, manager of library services for the united counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, said the ban on crafts was put on place because the municipality is revamping its 18 library branches in an effort to attract more people and needs to be more literacy-focused to achieve that end.

She said the library’s new fall lineup includes teen book clubs and Scrabble nights. The library will also be holding some events not focused on literacy, such as video game nights, to attract a younger crowd.

But under the new plan, there will no longer be a space for Kingston Currie and the other girls, aged six to 10, who used to sit around a table teasing yarn into organized patterns and items with crochet hooks and pairs of needles.

Yes, it’s not like there are any books on knitting that young people could read to improve their skills and learn new patterns. It’s not like knitting is some huge fad that has attracted people from all ages. Its not like knitting groups put these folks together to share new techniques in a strong example of cross-generational communication and learning. It’s not like such a ban might alienate older patrons and thus provoke a backlash against the library and providing services to young people.

Snark over. Hat-tip from my wife who knits and reads — an international social networking community of knitters!

Argh. Gnash. Head-slap.

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