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More on Creative Capitalism

Yesterday’s In Contempt cartoon addressed the “creative capitalism” concept that Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation have been promoting this year. Today I received an interesting response from Peter Quinn, who represents a group of artists laying claim to the “creative capitalism” moniker. At Creativecapitalism.net, Quinn et al. have formed a collective of artists that share ideas and pool resources to self-publish and promote creative endeavors. I’ll let their “about” page elaborate:

Creative Capitalism was formed to produce art and music projects outside orthodox gallery and music industry modes of production and distribution. We are interested in the cross-pollination of disciplines. Artists making music, musicians making art. We started our first project with a 192 page full color perfect bound book/cdrom of contributed art and music called Friends and Friends of Friends. The project was an experiment in social networking as curatorial method. It is filled with imagery and music from contributors from Baltimore, New York, the U.S. at large, as well as artists from international locations….

Our selections, decision-making, editorial is not merely based on aesthetic alignment but rather a belief system. We are interested in propagating art and music throughout and helping artists get their voice heard. We are interested in the social and political effect of artist output.

Creative Capitalism is committed to the creation, production, and dissemination of art and music. Art and music controlled by artists and musicians. We believe that new ideas can not be determined by following stylistic trends or demographics. We are a new capitalism. We are interested in egalitarian enterprises, social networking, invention, and collaboration. What is your function? Long Live Creative Capitalism – Art + Music Action Product!

Naive? Yeah, sure, but c’mon — they’re artists! They’re an interesting bunch, and I support any group of artists who try to do things on their own. It’s not easy, as I can tell you first-hand.

And they’re in a wiki-war with Gates! According to Quinn:

we have contempt for bill gates and his people for trying to take ownership over altruism and philanthropic ideals. although we commend them for their actions, we have nothing but total disgust for someone who promotes their own philanthropy in the form of PR.

we’ve been pushed back into the depths of wikipedia because of gates foundation PR team. In their wiki, they were claiming that he coined the term “creative capitalism” this year in 2008. This is very suspicious to us because we’ve been running an art and music publishing collective for 4 years now called “creative capitalism” and when we brought this to wikipedia’s attention, they buried us deep within the search for “creative capitalism.” They first kept omitting our entry until we complained, and as a result, the gates people took off the claim that he coined the term.

What is infuriating is that WE didn’t even coin the term. it’s an idea that’s been circulating for decades.

And what is even more infuriating is that a “knowledge base” such as wikipedia is letting popularity determine fact. Seems very Orwellian to me, the notion of determined fact or popular knowledge.

Indeed, there is a wikipedia disambiguation page for “creative capitalism” — although that is slated for deletion in five days unless someone creates a wikipedia entry for the collective.


It’s Never Too Early To Save Christmas!

Did you know that the War to Save Christmas from Secular Progressives (SPs!) has not yet reached its highest level of absurdity? Sure, it’s August, you’re already puzzled by Back to School sales. But really, the Ever Diligent Defenders of our precious Religious Freedoms (remember, “freedom requires religion,” quothe the Handsome Mormon; as for “freedom from religion” — well, you hate America) never rest. So writes Dan Solomon at MightyGodKing:

An American Carol is basically a Scary Movie-style spoof of American liberal politics, starring every famous conservative entertainer. Which is pretty much just, um, Kelsey Grammar, Jon Voight, James Woods, and Dennis Hopper. Oh, and Kevin Sorbo. Clint Eastwood, apparently, still wanted to be able to look himself in the mirror afterwards. The cast is rounded out with conservative commentators and country music stars like Bill O’Reilly and Trace Adkins. And basically they seem to have just made a movie where they all run around saying liberals are stupid! for an hour and a half. We’ll see how that turns out for them.

The movie stars Chris Farley’s little brother (Larry the Cable Guy was busy, seriously, not a joke) as “Michael Malone”, a hefty anti-American documentary filmmaker out to ban the pledge of allegiance, with the help of the dastardly movealong.org. He gets visited by the ghosts of George Washington (Jon Voight), John F Kennedy (some soap star named Chriss Anglin), and General Patton (totally Kelsey Grammar, I’m not even kidding), and they show him the error of his ways. Hence the “Carol” part of the title, I guess. Michael Moore is Scrooge.

Read the rest of the post, because it only gets stooopider. Emphasis on “der.”

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