You Had Me at “Zap!”

Charlie Jane Anders has posted a personal list of favorite first sentences from science fiction, provoking a lively discussion in the comments as people debate their merits and make their own suggestions. I tend to agree with AlfaCharger that the first line from Slaughter-House 5 is my favorite:

“Billy Pilgrim was unstuck in time.”

I love the word “unstuck” for the sound it suggests, as if pulling a suction cup dart from a wall, that slow “phhhh-pop!” as Billy Pilgrim gradually succumbs to trauma, memory, and alienation from his middle-aged suburban life.

Anyone got any faves? From any work of fiction, regardless of genre.

(Hat tip to Blake at LISNews.)

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One response to “You Had Me at “Zap!”

  1. From “The Adventures of Angry Bob Vol. 2”

    “Angry Bob Undied.”

    Hey, you said any work of fiction, regardless of genre. I’m sure fictional piece of fiction counts, too.