McCain Wants Us To Lose

According to the guiding logic of the BushAdmin and McCainCampaign, setting timetables for U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq is tantamount to setting the stage for losing the war. Admittedly, I am still unclear about what “winning” looks like, but McCain repeatedly accuses the ObamaCampaign of proposing a losing strategy. Now, apparently, McCain thinks either that a) a timetable for withdrawal is not “losing” or b) he wants to lose. From the Caucus Blog:

“He said it’s a pretty good timetable based on conditions on the ground,’’ Mr. McCain said. “I think it’s a pretty good timetable, as we should — or horizons for withdrawal. But they have to be based on conditions on the ground. This success is very fragile. It’s incredibly impressive, but very fragile. So we know, those of us who have been involved in it for many years, know that if we reverse this, by setting a date for withdrawal, all of the hard-won victory can be reversed.’’

I think… I think he’s dithering, don’t you? Like he doesn’t want to contradict the leader of a country whose sovereignty our occupying military is supposed to respect (ah-ah! no laughing, now), but he doesn’t want to seem like he’s totally endorsing the Obama position on scheduled withdrawal — because then what’s point in voting for or against either of these buffoons? We’re going back to Afghanistan, anyway. Need a couple brigades for that. Anyone new enlisting lately? … chirp, chirp… Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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