But it IS Stupid

Ezra Caraeff addresses the question, “Is this ad homophobic?” I agree with his negative assessment:

Now if the campaign focused on any of the other hundreds of outlandishly gay moments in sports (a quarterback’s hands delicately placed beneath the ass of his bent over center while awaiting a snap, baseball’s dugout buttslaps of approval, or this joyous celebration between two teammates) and declared them to be “ain’t right,” then we’d have a real problem. But this ad’s copy is based on the fact that the player in the image just got dunked on. Dunked on so badly that his opponent’s balls are now at chin level. Gay or straight, I assume no one wants an uninvited sweaty pair in their grill–now if it’s invited, well, that’s another story…

In other words, it’s a matter of consent. One thing that homophobes don’t get is that sexual relations between two people of the same sex have no impact whatsoever on the lives and sexual practices of straight people. Homophobes fear (strangely) that a queer person, sex crazed for the genetalia of the same sex, will be unable to control themselves and start doing something “gay” at them (like, say, “OMG! That gay dude’s gonna cornhole me! ONOZ!”), and thereby undermine their precious heterosexual identity. For reasons most likely rooted in Ye Ole Patriarchy, homophobes forget that mutual consent is at work in homosexual relationships just as much as in heterosexual relationships — or, really, it should.

So does this ad have a potential homophobic reading? Well, sure, who knows what stupid homophobes are going to read into this. But how about intent? Or reasonable doubt? Or an alternative explanation? I think Ezra has it right. Put it another way, just cuz I’m straight, doesn’t mean I want some random vagina in my face.


One response to “But it IS Stupid

  1. yeah, I agree. It’s one of the many awkward things that can happen in sports.

    I imagine a gay man looking at this and saying “no, that isn’t right. Who wants the sweaty balls of your opponent in your face?”

    And your point about vaginas…you don’t want random vag in your face?! You queer or sumthin’ boy?