What the hell happened to me?

Slow blogging this week, obviously. And no damn toons, nuther.

I got back from the ALA Conference in Anaheim on Tuesday and have been pretty busy since then catching up with my normal life.

Then – WHAM! – it’s the 4th of July. Drop everything! Eat greasy food! Dodge fireworks! Ride a big blue train with a face on it! Get a sunburn! Roll the American flag into a giant wad and shove it up your ass! Love your country or die, commie terrorist blasphemer! Drink too much beer! Imagine Jesus all buff and oily, massaging your toes! Just cuz! Don’t question anything! Take off your shoes before boarding a plane! Wear mouse ears with pride! Go to the mall! There’s a sale! Fuck the planet!

All shall resume as normal next week. There will be cartoons. And thoughts on what I done learned from librarians more experienced than I.

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