Count the Negative Stereotypes

Pat Oliphant cartoon 5/29/2008

Lessee here:

  1. Hillary as a witch
  2. Bill as an Arkansas redneck (note the goiter)
  3. Hillary as a front for Bill’s ambitions
  4. Hillary as amoral political striver

What have you got?

Man, I love Pat Oliphant. I really do. His caricatures are rivaled only by Steve Brodner’s and Kurt Anderson’s, IMHO. And there is nobody with as bitter, as acerbic writing political cartoons, save for maybe our friend Ted Rall.

BUT Jesus-Mary-onna-Donkey-Ride! It IS possible to do all those things AND avoid negative stereotypes at the same time. In fact, it IS possible to criticize Senator Clinton — and the Clinton spouses as a political team — without resorting to such imagery.

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