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Deferential, Complicit Enablers

Over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald tears Charles Gibson a new one for the news anchor’s disingenuous assurance that the American mainstream media asked all the “tough” questions of the BushAdmin’s case for war with Iraq prior to the invasion. Gibson, “mindlessly establishment-defending” Brian Williams and Katie Couric appeared on The Today Show and responded to criticism of the media by former White House press secretary Scott “Sweaty Brow” McClellan in his new memoir. Couric was alone among her colleagues who agreed with McClellan that journalists had been “deferential, complicit enablers” — prompting the boys to pooh-pooh her with all the smugness they could muster.

And apparently attempt to look down her blouse:

Still from MSNBC video.

Man, that is creepy.

I never thought I’d be on the same side of an issue with both Katie Couric and Scott McClellan, but, um — give ’em hell?

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