California Gays and Lesbians Can Get Married – Hooray!

Most of y’all have already heard about this, but it’s such good news, I wanna put in my two cents.

The California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban.

Such a nice headline.

Here’s Gavin Newsome celebrating:

What are the chances of something similar happening in Oregon where I live? Right now, not good. In 2004 the fundies and the homophobes pushed through ballot measure 36 to ban same-sex marriage via the Oregon State Constitution. It will take a repeal movement strong enough to override the amendment, not likely on a good day, but hopefully the California ruling will give it a boost.

Or generate a backlash. Adam Nagourney reports that the National Organization for Marriage in California is already taking steps to introduce a ballot measure to overturn the court’s ruling; yet he also notes that the issue may not resonate with homophobic voters the way it may have in 2004:

There is considerable debate whether the marriage issue helped Republican candidates in 2004. And it seems questionable if voters are going to find it compelling this year, at a time when the country is facing a prolonged war, an ailing economy and skyrocketing gasoline prices, the issues that Mr. McCain and the two Democratic candidates are confronting on the campaign trail every day.

“At best, it doesn’t move voters, and at worst for Republicans, it moves them against them,” said Matthew Dowd, who was chief strategist for Mr. Bush’s campaign in 2004. “Not so much on the issue, but it becomes, ‘Why are we having a discussion on this issue when we should talking about things that matter, like the economy, or health care, or the war?’ ”

Even more interesting: the support of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for gay marriage makes it more difficult for Senator John McCain to exploit the issue, something he has shown little inclination to do anyway.

What if – and this is a BIG IF – what if people are slowly, very slowly starting to grow up?

Everyone, that is, except fundies and The Pope, of course. I won’t surprise anyone by saying, “screw them.”

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