A Young Discerning Eye

Kimberly Pauley has announced the winners of the Swan Kingdom Giveaway Contest. Competing for one of five free copies of Zoe Marriott’s The Swan Kingdom, contestants answered the question, “If you could be any character from any fairy tale (traditional, new, or re-imagined), which character would you be and why?”

This one’s my favorite:

Judith Rycar: If I could be any character from a fairy tale, I would be the stepmother in Snow White. I would realize that the king was a creep who only wanted a young, beautiful woman and that was why I was afraid of not being the loveliest in the land anymore and i would get Snow White out of their before he noticed how lovely she was becoming! We could both go live with the 7 Dwarfs and make apple pies for everyone.

Smart kid.


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