infopourri added to my blogroll

Under the “Librarians & Stuff” category on the blogroll at right you’ll find a new link. Librarianna – my pal and colleague Anna Johnson – has started up a new blog on WordPress called infopourri. I’ll let her explain:

My own work is focused on information literacy instruction, but I’m a fascinated onlooker to the work being done in user experience, data visualization, and human computer interaction.

This blog attempts to track the most interesting efforts in all of these fields, in the hope that I’m not the only geek who thinks about all of these things at once.

Her categories include data visualization, information literacy, user-centered design, and Web 2.0 tool box. I know from personal experience that Anna is always finding nifty widgets, gadgets, and other stuff that make information seeking fun, easy and sometimes enlightening. So I encourage y’all to drop by, absorb her knowledge and give her props.


2 responses to “infopourri added to my blogroll

  1. You are most welcome!