That’s Not Doom

Possibly Irrelevant Information blames Brian Michael Bendis for the words he put in Doctor Doom’s mouth:

That’s not Doom. That’s a SKRULL that watches too much Bill O’Reilly filtered through Frank Miller. Wait, I take that back. The Skrull aren’t sexist. That’s Otto Weininger filtered through Bill O’Reilly filtered through Ann Coulter filtered through Norman Mailer filtered through Frank Miller.

Found via Blog@Newsarama, who elaborates:

Without making judgments as to whether or not Mr. Bendis feels that being a “badass supervillain” is admirable or not, there’s nothing wrong with an asshole sounding like an asshole. It’s indicative of a larger issue, and the problem is not the attitude towards women. The problem with this, as with the vast majority of what Mr. Bendis writes, is a lack of diversity. Diversity in character, that is. Victor Von Doom speaks with the same meter and slang as an NYC street hood. Doom’s a very different sort of villain, from a different background, from a different country, from a different “school of evil” so to speak. He’s always been refined in his arrogance, and old-fashioned. I could certainly see the words “stop your whore heart” coming from this character (though “before I tear out your heart from your whore’s breast!” is more his style), but “shut your cow mouth”? Certainly not. Doom says cheesy things like “SILENCE, WOMAN!”

I can’t add anything to that, other than my approval. I am not the biggest supertights fan, but I have always had a fannish love for Doctor Doom. Because he’s cheesy. He’s proto-Vader. And cheesy guys are easy to misunderestimate, as we have come to learn these last 8 years.


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