Match It for Pratchett

I just donated a humble ten bucks toward the Match It for Pratchett charity drive, an effort by fans of author Terry Pratchett to match his donation of half a million pounds (about a million U.S. dollars) to research to treat and cure Alzheimer’s Disease. Specifically, the money goes to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. I have also put a donation button on the right column of my blog.

I had considered offering up original artwork for sale – a move launched by Shaenon Garrity of Narbonics fame (or many other avenues to glory; woman be bizzy!) – and I may still do that. But the quickest and easiest route for now is just direct donation. If you have a PayPal account – or wish to use your online bank account – the donation process shouldn’t take more than three clicks. Any donation amount is acceptable and, in fact, encouraged. The Match It for Pratchett fund-raisers strive to get at least 500,000 people to donate a pound (or $2.00 U.S.) toward Alzheimer’s research.

For those needing a little more background, Terry Pratchett is best known for the 35 novels in the Discworld series, stand-alone novels set in a comical and magical universe and featuring a wide assortment of mythical creatures. Call it fantasy, sci-fi, satire, parody, what-have-you. Pratchett is an excellent humorist and, as time goes on, a much needed humanist observer of war, money, belief, crime, equality and so on.  I have not read all of them, but I’m getting pretty close; and when I finish, I’ll move on to his other novels he has written outside of the Discworld series. The guy is crazy prolific, highly inventive and demonstrates a sharp wit. So the irony of his affliction escapes no one of his fans.

That said, he’s quite well and flourishing. He “atetn’t dead yet,” and I hope our efforts will contribute to keeping his mind alert and fertile for many years to come. Moreover, the benefits he might derive from the products of Alzheimer’s research and development should help others who share his affliction, if not his wealth and fame.


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