Owen and Daddy Jam!

Owen and Daddy Jam

Owen and Daddy Jam

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. I was practicing guitar when Owen grabbed his own ax and crawled on the arm of the chair to jam along with me. We rocked.

I’m starting to upload stuff to my Flickr account. If you added me as a contact sometime in the last couple years and I didn’t respond in kind, well – I just did. I forgot that you have to “friend” your friends. Der. But, see, now that there’s a freakin’ widget to put on my new blog linking to my flickr photos, I feel more compelled to upload.


3 responses to “Owen and Daddy Jam!

  1. A pink guitar with butterflies? That’s punk!

  2. Totally punk. He’s like The NY Dolls in footy pajamas!