Decisions, Decisions

As I migrate to WordPress from Livejournal, I have been thinking about how I want to use WP’s features to my best advantage. There are two options, as I see it:

  • Stay with The advantages are that I could move all of my cartooning stuff onto one site, through purchasing more space and CSS editing. I get to use “mooreroom” as an all purpose URL (the actual domain name is owned by someone else.) WP would be my webhost, blog, and home for Wanderlost stuff (not counting Modern Tales pages) and In Contempt stuff (not counting Webcomics Nation pages). The disadvantage is that I cannot cross-post from to LJ, where I have a fine list of friends that I enjoy interacting with.
  • Install WP on my own webhost: The advantage is that I can customize the blog any old way I want outside the predetermined CSS styles, adapt the blog to more comics-friendly navigation, and cross-post to LJ. The disadvantage is the loss of “mooreroom” and all the stupid work involved. Also, In Contempt and Wanderlost are at two separate webhosts, so I’d have to choose one. I’d choose In Contempt, because the Wanderlost URL is “” — the old name for Wanderlost.

The other concern is directing the In Contempt and Sheldon domains this-a-way. Is that possible? I’d rather that if someone entered “” or “” (or just clicked on old links somewhere out there), that they’d wind up over here. Whether “here” is at or the centralized webhost.

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, preferences, or advice?


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