The LJ Strike and This Blog

In what may be a hasty decision or an exercise in foresight – time will tell – I am going to slowly migrate over to WordPress from Live Journal. I have been interested in WP for some time, and now I want to learn how to use it. Eventually I will download the software and install it on a site of my own, a comprehensive site gathering all of my work currently sitting on sites all across the InterWebz.

The question is, Will I abandon Live Journal? Not immediately. I like the community of LJ friends I have gathered, and I want to keep them. But recent activities by the new ownership of LJ has provoked an impending strike by LJ users tomorrow to protest changes in service and attempts by the new owners to delete LGBT user communities. I’m not comfortable with that. Depending on how these issues get resolved, I may broadcast to LJ from WP (once I figure out how to do that) or I may drop LJ altogether. I’m a paying LJ customer, so I will feel the economic hit. But I got principles, man.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cartoon.

Click the image to see the full cartoon.


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