Wanderlost: "Tongue-Tied" Page 19

Wanderlost Page 19
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Poor Chloe.

I’m happy to get another color page up on time. I still need to get my lettering approach down. As soon as I get our tax return, I’m gonna splurge on TypeTool to create my own font. Unless someone knows of a good open source font creator.

Either way, it’s long past due. I really enjoy the flexibility in drawing that lettering separately gives me. Instead of ruling lettering guides down and painfully penciling and inking the dialog before I drew anything, I now draw with a vague idea where text will be, then do the lettering on a separate sheet.

But I’d rather just do it all in Illustrator. It saves my hand from cramping as I ink over the penciled letters. Fortunately the next Wanderlost story will have less dialog. And the one after that hardly any dialog at all. (Even though I am letting the pig speak, he really doesn’t want to.) I’d rather save my hand for drawing and more adventurous lettering, like sound effects.

Whinging over.


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