Wanderlost: Still Recuperating

still recuperating

Drawn in 100% Sharpie!

I’ve been doing exercises, as sent to me by the kindly and thoughtful

, but I overdid it the other day, incurring the throbbing soreness up my whole arm. So more rest.

Also, like

, I succumbed to inexplicable fatigue this weekend. I was okay on Saturday – entertaining Owen with dinosaurs, pancakes and ice cream – but Sunday I just wanted to stay in bed all day. I got the evening after Jenn came home from work. I would have let her rest after her crazy long week of moving to a new oncology facility, yet she insisted I do it based on her quick read of my visible symptoms: “You look like shit, go to bed.”

I feel better now. The wrist and thumb have these pin-prickly sensations. I’m resting the hand as much as possible. I have to masturbate with my feet.



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