Youth Culture Appreciation Moment

Stuck at home with a sick Owen (don’t worry, he’ll be fine), who is resting by absorbing all the Disney Channel his Benadryl-ized brain can handle, I caught a music video for a song by Miley Cyrus. From the standpoint of anyone under 12, it actually rocked. At 12 I would probably have dissed it as hard as I did Rick Springfield when I was, in fact, 12. But I’m 38 – older, mellowed, less inclined to snarl at pop crap as I used to be (at least to save my snarling muscle for more worthy targets) – so I can appreciate Ms. Cyrus for what she is and for whom she is targeted.

And, for what it’s worth, she’s way better than her dad.

(NOTE: Were Lester Bangs still alive, he would have begun an entry like this with “Today I am a putz.”)


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