67 Nay, 31 Yea, 2 Not Voting

That’s what it takes for the Democrat-controlled Congress to approve retroactive immunity for the telecommunications corporations who began cooperating with the BushAdmin’s domestic spying program before September 11th. Not that it was justifiable after the date, but at least there was a fig leaf of a rationale.

Just so we’re clear: our government spies on us, rounds up people it defines as “enemy combatants” (a term it made up) in wide dragnets, puts them in secret detention, tortures them, uses torture-based evidence in military tribunals, invades a country without provocation based on fabricated evidence and chimera threats, loses billions of dollars that it can’t keep track of, employs mercenaries with no legal accountability, and rewards corporate cronies with no-bid contracts in “reconstruction” projects that remain unfinished.

Our government. The one we support with our tax dollars and our votes. Both parties.

To his credit, Barack “Changety-Change Change” Obama voted “Yea.”

Hillary “Experience” Clinton did not vote.

And fuck yeah I’ll politicize that.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has been following the fate of the FISA bill and surveillance matters for months now. His post on this news is worth reading in entirety.


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