Romney Self-Attack Ad

From the Onion:

“Is this who you want running your country for the next four years?” asks the damaging spot. “Someone who can’t even run a simple microwave without crying?”

In addition to verbal jabs, Romney’s ad uses several visual aids to call his character into question. Moments before the ad’s conclusion, an onscreen chart helps viewers tally the number of times the Republican candidate has lain awake at night reliving past humiliations, while a 3-D computer model illustrates just how low Romney has reportedly sunk as a “relentless failure” in the past month.

The article preceded Romney’s dropping out, but it seems even more relevant now. Instead of rationalizing that his campaign would have imperiled a Republican win in November – and thus a Democratic “surrender” to “Terror”(TM) – a simple admission of failure would have been more honorable. And accurate.

But then that wouldn’t have been Romney, now would it?


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