Daily Archives: February 7, 2008

Owen in Red Bowl

owen in red bowl

Caught on my cell phone this morning as we were leaving for day care. Alas, I couldn’t get the full effect of him wearing the red bowl and using a wooden spoon as a cane like a little Charlie Chaplin. Glad I have such a visual memory.


In Contempt 11/7/08: Messin' With Romney, Part 1

Messing With Romney
Click the image to see the full cartoon.

This is part one of two. This is also the second “Messing With Romney” cartoon I have done. The first appeared November 1, 2007. I think this is the best Romney caricature I have done so far. I thought I’d get a couple more shots in at the guy before he finally smells reality in his coffee cup and drops out of the race. Then again, most Mormons I know forgo coffee, so it could be a long shot.

UPDATE: Well, my timing couldn’t have been worse. Or better, depending. Mitt Romney has “suspended” his campaign. As The Bostonist put it: “Leave it to Romney to use the euphemism ‘suspend’ instead of ‘drop out.'”

Anyway, this means “Part Two” will be a little different. Hey, at least it will be topical!