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Wanderlost Notice

Notice page
That’s right. December 9th. Next Wednesday. How will this be accomplished? Simple: By taking a break from political cartooning.

Said break will last only a month. I am taking advantage of the holiday season to relax a little and focus on catching up with the “Search Party” story line.

I’m also thinking of some changes for In Contempt. I won’t say what those are, as they are a little vague right now. But my thoughts are grounded in my view that political cartooning as we know it is moribund. I want to work on something new, though recognizably political and coherent with what I have done with In Contempt so far. That’s all I should say for now. Like I said – “vague.”

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In Contempt (12/2/2008): Change is Coming!

Click the image above to see the full size cartoon.

And yes, Virginia, I am back on a regular schedule. Hal-lay-loo.

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In Contempt (11/20/2008): The Beast Cometh

Go ahead. Click the image. What’s the worst that could happen?

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In Contempt (11/14/2008): Pooper Scooper

Depress your mouse button to reveal the secrets held within.

Sorry for the late post. Things happened.

In Contempt (11/11/2008): No Excuses

Click image to embiggen it.

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Sketchbook: Watching the Election 2008

I created another page of sketches drawn while watching election coverage on CNN last night. Enjoy.

In Contempt (11/5/2008): One Step Back

One Step Back

Click the image to expand to a legible size.

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Election 2008 Sketchbook

polling station

Above is a sample of sketches I have done recently on the election and posted to a special Election 2008 Sketchbook Page. I am too freaked out right now about all the things that could go wrong today, so I can’t really think straight. So in lieu of an actual political cartoon, please enjoy these sketches. A real cartoon will appear Thursday.

In Contempt (10/20/2008): Zombie Purge

Zombie Purge
Click the image to make it much bigger and more readable. Legible. Whatever.

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In Contempt (10/23/2008): Kissed a Girl

Kissed a Girl
Click the image to read it at full size.

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