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Ha ha ha ha!

lincoln-douglass debate

Wonkette provides the background. Tip to August.

In Contempt (4/29/08): Credibility

in contempt 4/29/08

Click the image to see the full cartoon.

And the full explanation for it.

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Playing With Flock

If you are familiar with flock, then feel free to ignore this post. I am testing its blog posting features. My friend/colleague/fellow theory monkey Allie got me curious about flock, a web browser designed for managing all the social software tools that one can’t seem to live without these days.

It’s actually pretty handy to have a sidebar that allows you to hop from email to blog to facebook to flickr to whatever and back again. But does making access more convenient to the various ways we can waste time really make our lives more meaningful? Is that question even relevant?

Anyhoo, I’m testing to see if it’ll make it easier to post to both my livejournal and wordpress blogs.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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Stumptown Comics Fest Sketch Gallery

young reader

I was drawing random people walking by with my fountain pen and pen brush, when Sara Ryan said, “Dude, you should create a Flickr gallery out of those! They’d be awesome!”

And so I did.

Actually, I don’t have any more “galleries” left, unless I upgrade. Eh. I’ll spend my money on beer.

Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Man, Get Off Scot-free; repeat ad nauseum

I have nothing original to add to the discussion of the police murder of Sean Bell and the judge’s decision to let the guilty cops go free. Maybe because I’m too pissed off, or nauseated, or both by the loss of life, the criminal murder of an innocent man, the inherent racism of the police state, the loss to the man’s wife and young daughter and the rest of his family – I could go on. But others are writing more eloquently than I can muster today, so I link with approval to them.

Holly writes at Feministe that the police murder of black men is a feminist issue. She makes a strong, eloquent case.

The problem is that this disproportionately affects communities of color. The black men who are most often slaughtered by such violence, and all the women and children in their lives too, their loved ones, friends and relatives. A system that is all too eager to exonerate “the thin blue line” and continue business as usual. All of these are feminist issues. Racism must be a feminist issue, for any kind of feminism that counts. Police brutality must be; the biases of the criminal justice system must be.

The SuperSpade is rightly flabbergasted and bitter:

I know there will be rallies held in New York to protest this miscarriage of justice and if you are in the area, you should go. After the marches though, Bell’s story like Amadou Diallo and others will be filed in the Black consciousness as the continuing saga of injustice that has plagued Black folk since we were kidnapped from Africa. Surely this is worth Black folk being bitter right?

Mikhael B. Reid expresses her outrage and posts links to cartoons she has done on this case and on police brutality.

I’ll post more when I find it.

Oh, And: Barack Obama registered the predictable “we are a nation of laws so don’t go crazy in the streets” admonishment. Not that I expected him (or think he should) advocate rioting, but it would be refreshing to hear a prominent politician say something like, “We are a nation of laws, sure, but I don’t see how the police can be allowed to gun down a person in cold blood and get away with it. Something is wrong with our justice system. Cases like this make the law seem like a sham to protect the power of the state against the rights – the very lives – of the people.”

UPDATE: The Village Voice reports that the Justice Department will begin investigating civil rights violations pertaining to this case. And that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vowed to take measures that will build up public trust in the police department.

Curiously, Bloomberg announced that one of the ways they hoped to instill public trust in the NYPD was by bolstering the staff at the Civilian Complaint Review Board so that now “complaints are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.” What Bloomberg didn’t mention was that since bolster the CCRB last year the NYPD has “swiftly and efficiently” been dumping a record number of the agency’s substantiated cases.

Roberto Lovato analyzes the political implications of this case for Obama, although I could give a crap less. However, I agree with his conclusion:

Beyond Obama, all of us need to raise our voices and point at the abyss of our country’s institutional racism as was painfully and transparently reflected in today’s verdict. We might want to start by pushing Obama, Clinton and McCain — and the mainstream media — to speak honestly and continually about what the 50 bullets in Sean Bell say about justice in the 50 states of our tattered and bloodied union.

Cartoon Friday

My fellow Cartoonists With Attitude Matt Bors and Jen Sorensen will be at Powell’s Bookstore on Burnside this Friday at 7:30pm. Here’s how Matt describes it:

Jen Sorensen and I will present a live slide show and reading of our comics and Jen will be signing copies of her new collection of cartoons, “SlowPoke: One Nation, Oh My God.”

We’ll be doing some live drawing as well, showing folks how we cartoonize McCain’s numerous cheeks and Obama’s massive smile.

Maybe I’ll even draw a cat’s asshole for you.

That last link brings you to a drawing Matt did for a Willamette Week editorial on the politics of spaying cats. It is all that it should be.

There will also be a pre-Stumptown Comicsfest Party at Guapo Comics.

I hope to make it, but no guarantees from this father of two.

I Will be at Stumptown?

Why, yes I will.

I’m sharing a table once again with Chris Baldwin. I don’t have anything new to sell, but I will have fresh copies of the first Sheldon comic book, “Into the Woods,” an In Contempt collection from 2002, several old undergrounds called “Dreck” I did with other cartoonists (including mister_punchy in the late 90s/early 00s. Oh, and I do have t-shirts, but they are all at CafePress.

I really need to get another Sheldon/Wanderlost comic book printed, as well as a new In Contempt collection. I started a 2000 – 2004 retrospective called Nothing But Contempt in December 2004, but grad school in January 2005 and nothing was ever the same again. Had Stumptown been in October of this year like it was last year, I would have gotten much of this done in time, but APE decided to mix it up. So here we are, and I know I’m not the only one who was caught off-guard.

Like, say, the poor organizers. Props to them for pulling it off on short notice.

Arizona Legislator tied to Neo-Nazis

Russell Pearce, the Arizona state representative who is pushing through a bill to destroy Mexican-American studies and Chicano studies programs in publicly funded schools and colleges has Neo-Nazis among his political allies. So reports Steven Lemons of the Phoenix New Times.

Are pro-neo-Nazi values American values? Why of course they aren’t. So that means ol Russ is just plain un-American for encouraging such varmints. He should be stripped of his salary and legislative position tout de suite and returned to the wilderness of Mesa to dwell the rest of his days. Perhaps some waggish Democratic legislator could propose a law to ban Pearce and his ilk from the state capitol forever.

Steve Brodner Blows Us All Away

Found via the Daily Cartoonist, this clip of cartoonist Steve Brodner shows how wonderful traditional media can be. The watercolors are fascinating to watch. I couldn’t hear the audio, because my work station doesn’t have speakers. I imagine it’s insightful and witty. What else would it be?

Mr. Helpful

Man, if I were Hillary Clinton – currently riding high on a 10 point margin of victory in Pennsylvania – I would find a way to remove the tongue from my husband’s mouth. Because I (Hillary Clinton, that is) can’t really enjoy my hard-won win without Mr. Megaphone saying dumb crap like, say, accusing black Democrats of “playing the race card” on him and driving the black vote toward Barack Obama. Ya see, they totally took his comparison of Obama’s victory in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s the wrong way. He wasn’t making a racially charged, dismissive and douchebaggy comment; he was just answering a question. And, best of all, this was part of the Obama plan aaallll alooonngg!

Hat tip to Aisha Music.

UPDATE: Now The Master Equivocator is refusing to acknowledge he ever said anything about a “race card.” Dude, it’s on audio! WE CAN HEAR YOU! This is why the right wing thinks you’re on drugs, because you refuse to look reality in the face or take any responsibility for your words and actions. Man! That guy is a piece of work.